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Printed Materials for Book Marketing

While there are postcards, flyers, biz cards and more, there are a couple of print marketing materials I’d recommend you get done when marketing any book. That is:

a bookmark and a roll-up banner (or poster).

While I like designing, I reckon it’s somewhat risky to make your own bookmarks like I did. Still, I was pleased with the result and especially the LARGE bookmark size, printed at our friends PrintLinx Brisbane.

Bookmark (print copy) made with stock photos

Small Bookmark sizes: 55 x 176 mm, 38 x 184 mm

Large Bookmark sizes: 71 x 203 mm

Mine was 71 mm x 203 mm (final size) and cost $35 total for 100 at PrintLinx. I would guess it is 250 gsm.

Some places offer pre-made designs and low rates, like Their small size costs $38 ex GST and shipping, so about $50 total.

You can Design your own Bookmark at Canva and download their PDF. Not sure about controlling the size though.

You can also design with Publisher and print bookmarks on your own home printer, if has really good ink density.

Bookmark Designs: What to Tell the Designer

When providing a design to a printer, don’t forget to allow for BLEED.

This sounds painful, but it means giving artwork an extra 3 to 5mm all-round and then ensuring the final PDF encapsulates that extra bleed. This is only for designs that have background colour that runs right to the edge and it is because things often shift when printing and trimming.

The best program in which to design bookmarks is Adobe InDesign. MS Publisher would also be okay.

Make sure the PDF is High Print Quality or Press Quality and fonts are embedded. (Also, that your images and fonts are legally procured). Ensure all images used are 300 DPI or above. This can be done by buying stock photos at regular stock photo stores and selecting ‘M’ or ‘L’ size, not small.

Bookmark Printing: What to Ask the Printer

Ask the printer for his recommendation or else 300 gsm bookmarks and ask about cello glazing, an optional extra. This can be a nice glossy varnish on top, if you like it to zing.

GSM is the thickness of the board. My unscientific descriptions follow:

  • 150 gsm = flimsy card
  • 250 gsm = flexible, medium thickness card
  • 350 gsm = thick card, the standard for business cards
  • 500 gsm= getting a bit thick, cannot bend that.

Getting a Roll-Up Banner Made

Authors who need a banner are ones doing physical launch events, expo trade tables, or book fairs. But there are not many occasions to get out a roll-up banner, so have a think about the uses before rushing off and spending a lot of money.

Example of roll-up banner

I created a banner for my author support business and now I need one for my book, but I prefer to just use the other one, for longevity.

It cost me about AU$79, with bag and shipping, at But that was a cheapie. For lots of use, the one that automatically folds up and down would prove much easier, for $15 more.

Again, here the use of a Stock Photo lady-with-book saved me from trying to get a high resolution (extremely large) photo of myself that was deep etched. Might I suggest a few bucks spent here can save you from getting into legal hot water. (Don’t steal photos).

Advertising partners:
We get a small commission if you use this link to buy from 123rf.

Lowest stock photo prices in the market. Only at 123RF.

Alternatively, you can create and print a POSTER, which is A3, A2, A1 size. An especially handy type is one that’s actually horizontal, because you can stick it up in the background of videos or photos for social media!

A poster is best printed at Snap Print or EasySigns, or even your library.

For the Photo background, a Foam PVC board would be easiest to mount, as it is flat. From AU$99 + shipping.

A Shelf Talker card

Another tool for those marketing to real bookstores is called a Shelf Talker. This piece of card tries to attracts readers (to your book) and it contains a design element from the cover.

“Shelf talkers may include a strong quote about your book from booksellers or other important people” says IngramSpark.

Marketing Mgr, IngramSpark

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