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Why a Simple eBook Needs a Blueprint

Many people in business want to write a simple ebook, but when they sit down to write it, all that comes out is fluff… They may think, ‘I haven’t got a single original idea!’

Others fall into the endless loop of writing and re-writing. The real problem with both these writerly types is that they have not planned. They have not spent any real time organising their thoughts and ideas around a central theme.

Not everyone can join with me (Zoom or otherwise) and have the free ‘ideas and information’ session above. So here’s some inspiration for you guys.

What does Planning an Outline Offer you?

It is a whole lot easier to plan a simple eBook with a simple four-step method than to write haphazardly — and then have to pay for a developmental edit.

It can also prevent ‘writer’s block’, as you will see what to work on next. Look at the outline and go research or find a case to explain that point… too easy.

Step 1. Define your purpose for writing a book, but don’t worry for now about getting onto a trend curve (hot seller). It’s better to write about something that fills you with passion and purpose. Write your purpose.

Step 2. Then, brainstorm all the topics related to your work or life. Some of the problems people have come to you about or something your children perhaps experienced. Work in what struggles you have worked through. You will start to see a theme emerge.

Step 3. Mind Map the single word summarising the theme and add up to 20 topics.

If you are after more research, start to look at keywords and questions. Look at and start to type random two-word phrases about it, e.g. if I were thinking about children’s mental health, I might type:

“Children sad”

“Child depression”

“Kids happiness”

Step 4. Now you really are getting sure of your theme and sub-topics. Refine these topics and type them into a document as headings. Underneath each, write 2 sentences about what you want to cover.

Is your Outline about 3 typewritten A4 pages long? Then you have done a good job.

Starting with thinking about a title is fun, but don’t hammer it in stone.

Find a Preliminary Book Title

For titles, it is sometimes easier after you have written the book. Titles you might like are:






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