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Using LinkedIn for Author Publicity

Using a book is a great introduction tool for an expert, therapist, coach or chef! And it is even better when you introduce yourself as an author of a thought leader book, via LinkedIn.  

Once your book is in circulation, you can add ‘author’ to your headline on LinkedIn. I personally recommend you add in the subject keyword too.

The other ways to utilise LinkedIn to get the word out is to post in targeted Groups which have members who are similar to your target audience, e.g. Entrepreneurs, CMOs, or Health experts.

Boost your credibility by making an ‘author’ headline on your LinkedIn profile

Jennifer Lancaster

So Many Public Ways to Market Yourself and Your Book

You can’t beat national publicity for promoting books without spending any money.

There is the obvious plant of a free audio download or calculator inside the book, to capture reader email addresses. In addition to reaching new customers through the book-freebie connection, and possibly teaching them something, there are other amazing benefits of non-fiction book publishing.

You can go on niche podcasts, talking about the theories in your book and offering a sample chapter.

You can go on television or radio, talking about the problems these days closely relating to the theories in your book. Okay, this one is a bit harder.

You can speak at conferences, talking more at length about one key answer.

You can give that book away on a simple book landing page, say for the cost of postage. The tool has free setup and is about $10 per month to maintain, plus you may use your own domain. Then offer next level training courses and programs.

You can have it create social media content for 52 weeks. Create one interesting quote a week from the book and use an automated tool or a VA to put it on social platforms for you.

You can use your printed book as a calling card when you have an in-person meeting. If done professionally and targeted right, it’s better than a sales brochure.

Even if ‘nobody reads these days’ (you reckon), your book will NOT be thrown away. In fact, people don’t even have to read it for it to give you credibility in that area. As Andrew Griffiths told the room, one boat vendor simply wrote a book on how to enjoy a family boat to have in his sales office, and newcomers were quite impressed. They picked up the book and were sold on the benefits of boats, leading quite quickly to being sold on buying a boat from its author.

Reach the whole world easily

If you do not define your book as Australian and if you do some promotions that reach globally (e.g. the podcasting mentioned), your book will get some credence and be sought from lots of places you’d never expect. You do not have to print the books in China nor go to book fairs in Germany to do this.

You can, with some good production values, get your book in the IngramSpark program and out to the world for around Au$70 setup + proof (the proof varies depending on colour/b&w). Plus the minor cost of your ISBNs (one for each format).

When you publish with distribution to Global Connect and fill out the pricing, which is easy to do, you can let your book go to other markets, like Canada, US, UK, and Europe, plus if you tick a box, it’s open to all countries aligned with Global Connect: Spain, India, China, etc. Indians do speak English on the whole, while 80% of Russians can speak English.

At the end of the day…

Growing your audience is a key reason to write and produce a book. You can do that by posting your status updates about your book to LinkedIn, plus all the other publicity methods mentioned.

Make sure you’re well equipped before you start self-publishing: go do the free course at IngramSpark on Author Platform-building.

There’s plenty of free info to help novice business authors get a jump on writing their book… or try our $20 offer for how-to resources for non-fiction authors here. If you need a great book editor – just see my contact page. I work with professionals in Australia or New Zealand.

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