Write a book in your spare time

Turn Your Spare Time into… a Book!

A lot of people right now want an escape from reality. The stop-gap income of Federal government support is finishing, the economy is not so grand, and many are looking for a new job. Writing a book which fulfils several goals and triggers our own creative genius… is the best escape ever invented! So let’s focus on how to turn some spare time into a book.

Prior to 2020, some of us didn’t prioritise creative work like writing a book, forming a course, or learning a new certification. But now we realise that this fun work will fulfil us and help others, often giving others something they have been looking for.

This happened to me recently. Through sheer luck, I happened upon a book (How to Fail Fantastically) to review and it was perfect to both lift my spirits and release my success anxiety a bit.

Fortunately, back in March 2020, I bought an audiobook ‘Love Money, Money Loves You’ by Ms McCrum. This helped me to release the general anxiety of business uncertainty and more specifically, encouraged me to spend an hour a day on something I loved doing. Learning, researching and building author resources was a great release.

Sarah McCrum is onto something there, and it is imperative this time is spent on a productive activity—not Netflix!

Why does Uncertainty Overrule Creativity?

Uncertainty in the world often causes fear, and a pandemic like this naturally triggers a lot of conspiracies. News media at the early stages of the pandemic was full of fear-mongering, so as a family we temporarily switched it off! It is important to use your spare time positively, and initiate your own creativity.

I’ve put a slim report together to help people understand the long-term way to approach writing a book and how to earn more from these creative activities. Download it here: How to Write a Memorable Book

Spend Time on a Productive Activity, Writing a book

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