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The Introvert’s Guide to Marketing for Authors

In this golden age of the personal publisher, introverts must play to their strengths. If you’ve ever read the book ‘Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking’, then you’ll understand exactly what I’m saying. We introverts need to speak up, but in our own quiet way.

Are you good at asking questions, but self-conscious about video?  Then try Podcasting.

Podcast to a Larger Presence

Podcasting is the ‘slow burn’ way to attract a fan base. You own the podcast, so you also own the advertising that can be infused in a short grab inside the show.

Keep in mind that shows seem better with two people, so invite a specialist you know to talk about a topic within your new genre range.

To determine which category your tribe might seek, see (the live talk radio and podcast platform) and iTunes categories for category ideas.

If you have a WordPress or Blogger site, then it’s a six-step process to get your RSS feed (linking the files) to connect to Apple iTunes. First you’ll need to find a place to host your podcasts and apply post tags, categories, etc. Apple Podcasts Connect has a podcasting guide and best practices.

You’ll also need a good quality USB microphone (e.g. Nessie Blue), come up with a Podcast logo – which you can make on Canva for free – and plan how often you’ll produce an episode. It’s best to plan ahead a few podcast shows, and launch the first three all at once.

Video Killed the Radio Star

I know you won’t believe me, but video promotion is also for you, quiet one. Why? Well, there is no need to be outrageous on video. You can use your creativity, instead of speaking-to-camera-with-terror-in-your-eyes.

With Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint, you can put bullet-point presentations together with narration.

With online tool Lumen5, write the blog post first and release it before using their wizard to compile a 2- or 3-minute image-plus-text video. This tool is currently free and comes out really great.

Perhaps film in your local area in order to tell a story relevant to your target market.
Of course, most smartphones now have very good cameras built-in, but for some shots you might need a tripod and a digital camera. Try not to walk while filming, as this creates a lot of shake.

When you’ve perfected your video, it’s time to export it as an .mp4 at 30 frames per second and upload it to Youtube, Vimeo and add shorter ones to Facebook or Instagram. You can boost (pay for) your video post if you would like more views. (For introverts, Facebook Live is a bit scary; it plays on our nervousness of impromptu public speaking). But Instagram Stories allows us to pre-record videos.

Webinars that use your voiceover presentation are also a good idea, because you can rehearse the critical points in your special presentation. You can do live webinars, see Zoom, or ‘fake live’ ones with a webinar program called Everwebinar.


Still a great way to attract a massive niche audience, blogging is not only for the confident confessor. There are all types of blogs for all kinds of people.

One quiet local computer repairer blogged a tip every time he learnt something new, which over the years brought thousands to his website.

While my blog and this blog tells of the lessons I learned in author marketing, I also write on other diverse topics. So it’s best that these other articles are placed on another blog — because the audience is completely different. And Google appreciates clarity.

For a successful strategy, you need to consider what information would attract those you can service or sell to.  Are they looking to save money — or time?  What language will you use?  You might have a technical expertise but need to write in analogies and everyday terms to help small business owners understand the topic.

A further thing to consider is the concept of bias. If you can bring in an expert’s opinions, guest reviews or informal client case studies, then you will begin to overcome your audience’s critical viewpoint and at the same time, give your author blog more credibility. 

Now write your meta description, insert a keyword, and promote your blog to your three favoured social media channels.

To round up, introverts and creative authors can always get their messages out there in some way, whether that be through podcasting, creative videos, or blogging. Don’t forget the critical points of promoting your content on social media, and inviting your friends to join in.


Jennifer Lancaster is the creator of BAA’s BOOK Creation Success Club. In 2012, she wrote Power Marketing, a marketing handbook; in 2019 The Niche Marketing & Book Guide, and in 2016, Create your New Life of Abundance.

Jennifer is a copywriter, editor, and publishing supporter at Power of Words, Australia.

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