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The Content Wizard: How it Helps Professionals

It’s just fine to do indie publishing on your own, but here at Business Author Academy, we’ve found that there are so many elements to get right. The process of self-publishing a quality book can be both daunting and time-consuming, particularly for businesspeople.

There are subsidy publishers and editors of all kinds, and some plainly don’t care about results… so what makes our offering different?

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Business Author Academy’s book creation and publishing packages meet many ‘unseen’ author needs. Being a writer as well, the founder’s aim is to provide more service than others, with more experience at your disposal.

All designers or indexers are talked to and assessed on qualities.

What standards and values does your selected publishing house espouse? Giving value and achieving results is all-important.

For a long time, Jennifer resisted publishing others’ books, unless the author had a good attitude. She helped a doctor with his healthy tips book, a very old lady with her poetry book, plus a TV celebrity with her self-help book. She also helped some others to get good book typesetting and artwork.

What does Assisted Self Publishing Take?

It takes a long time to get the processes right, as well as expense. For example, to join up with the publishing industry portals, like Australian Publishers Association (our imprint is now a member) and TitlePage. To consider and perhaps take up the media advertising available, such as GoodReading.

The Purpose of the Content Wizard Program

The other things to consider are purpose and writer type. Offering a package called the Content Wizard, it is not for everybody with a pen. It is for someone who has a lot of written articles, podcast scripts or a thesis, but who has no idea how to draw it all together in a book with a cohesive theme.

Additionally, it is for professionals who don’t have time to re-structure, collate, find practical references (within a style), and remember to keep all to one theme!

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The Book Theme & Content Wizard (that’s Jennifer) will help the content writer put it all together. Our editorial knowledge and publishing prowess combines with your ‘industry juice’ to make one almighty magic spell. In other words, you don’t have to pay more for an editor, as the package is all-inclusive.

It even includes a marketing strategy session to set your sights on profitability and increase of author brand at the outset.

If you don’t know much about marketing, consider the viewpoints of published authors in Jane Friedman’s new data on publishing. Anne Hill said:

I find the term “author platform” misleading. It exacerbates the competitive, zero-sum anxiety all authors have, while completely missing the point of what we need to build. At the risk of pushing my organic map metaphor too far, it’s not just the height of the platform that makes an author successful, but the quality of the soil beneath.

Anne Hill, at

What are the Writing and Publishing Package Aims?

The Content Wizard package aims to take the load off your weary shoulders and help to create and market the book of your imagination. The price listed should be seen as a guideline, since every client has different book lengths, complexity and other needs.

The other aim is to have you learn more about author marketing and platform as you go, with access to Book Creation Success – our 20-week drip-fed member program – all included.

Remember, the benefit of a book is not just getting readers, but giving you credibility and leverage within your industry (or passion field).

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