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The Content Writer Program

It’s just fine to do indie publishing on your own, but here at Business Author Academy, we’ve found that there are so many elements to get right. The process of self-publishing a quality book can be both daunting and time-consuming, particularly for businesspeople.

There are subsidy publishers of all kinds, and some plainly don’t care about results… so what makes ours any different?

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Business Author Academy’s book publishing packages meet many ‘unseen’ author needs. We aim to provide more service and flexibility than others, and more experience is at your disposal. All designers or indexers and editors are telephoned (a novel concept these days) to see what the person is like.

What standards and values does the publishing house espouse? Giving value is all-important to us.

For a long time, Jennifer resisted publishing others’ books, unless the author was of a good attitude. She helped a doctor with his healthy tips book, a very old lady with her poetry book, plus a TV celebrity with her self-help book. She also helped two children’s book writers and a few others to get good book typesetting.

What does Assisted Self Publishing Take?

It takes a long time to get the processes right and often a bit of expense. For example, to join up with the publishing industry portals, like Australian Publishers Association and TitlePage.

The other things to consider are purpose and writer type. Offering a package called the Content Writer Wizard, it is for a certain type of person. It is for someone who has a lot of written articles and perhaps longer PDFs, but who has no idea how to draw it all together in a book with a cohesive theme.

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The Book Theme Wizard will help the Content Wizard put it all together! Our editorial knowledge and publishing prowess combines with your ‘industry juice’ to make one almighty magic spell.

What are the Writing and Publishing Package Aims?

The Content Writer Wizard package aims to take the load off your weary shoulders and help to create and market the book of your imagination. The price listed should be seen as a guideline and is not a quotation set in stone, since every client has different book lengths, complexity and other needs.

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