The following Terms of Service (“the Agreement”) is effective:  24 February 2021

Between:         Jennifer Lancaster/Business Author Academy (the Service Provider), a sole trader business operating under the laws of Queensland, Australia. ABN 80 544 508 158.

Operated at:  21 Baringa Street, Clontarf, Queensland 4019

AND:    the intending purchaser of Book Coaching Support  (the Author).

WHEREAS, the Service Provider is in the business of development and supply of services relating to:  Book Development Coaching.

Whereas, this Agreement contains the Service Provider’s terms of engagement;

Therefore, in consideration of the mutual agreements herein contained, the parties hereto, intending to be legally bound, agree as follows:

1.         Services Provided

Business Author Academy is prepared to provide the services to the Author:

Author coaching:  Initial book planning session and talk about your purpose. Jennifer Lancaster makes initial suggestions for connection to audience, angle, and target marketing advice. This includes ideas about your book. All ideas remain your intellectual property.

Writing Schedule: A timeline is agreed, yet remains dependent on Author actions to meet deadlines. This writing and publishing schedule will be sent to you.

Book marketplace research:  Guidance on how to do more research and where your book might fit into the market. If needed, advice on angle, title and blurb meant for better audience traction.  

Writing Voice:  Coaching on keeping the voice consistent and targeted.

Planning the Author Bio.  Working up a short bio that builds credibility.

Cover copy/Blurb revise (back cover blurb). Guidance on the book’s cover copy/blurb. Endorsement advice if appropriate.

References and quotation usage. Advice on using references appropriately and adhering to copyright of others. Also see the Book Creation program’s guidance.

Book Development and Publishing Coaching

Book development includes help with all the parts of a book, including copyright and notices page, what to put in a preface, introduction to the premise, and keeping to the style of book chosen. It may include advice on issues like legalities of using quotes, case study privacy concerns, etc.

The preferred timeline for writing the book (with our recommendations) is four (4) months, review/revise one (1) month, editing one (1) month. This can be adapted to suit your life if there is a real reason to hurry the book out.

The included coaching meeting is a 45-minute session every three weeks x five months.  Here we explain our recommendations and answer your questions. Final month will be left open to receive your call or email questions.

In the final two months, the BAA mentor will help answer all self-publishing queries, e.g. ebook creation costs, endorsements, launch process, and other common self-publishing concerns.

First book planning session of up to 1.5 hours is included. Follow up emails are welcomed, but we can cover more ground if tricky questions are saved for our sessions.

Plus Publishing Schedule for the book development and production tasks.

Included is a writing critique on around 8 A4 pages, every three weeks or whatever suits the Author. Please send Word or Google documents that allow us to track changes. We will also type at the bottom of the document our informative feedback.

Business Author Academy

Agreed rate (if 30,000 – 55,000 words): 

$415 x 6 months – in recurring monthly invoices – via PayPal or Direct Deposit.

(First invoice acts includes the first longer session and writing schedule).

Includes three months’ access to Business Author Academy: Book Creation Success program. See:

Signed up online? Then you can access the Book Creation Success resources immediately with your login and password. If paid manually, a signup code will be sent via email. (Whitelist

General advice on self-publishing choices and creative ways to market your book will be given towards the end of the book’s creation, as part of the coaching sessions. Answers to some common self-publishing questions and video tutorials are given inside Business Author Academy.

This mentoring does not mean Jennifer would do it all on Author’s behalf.

These services are not included in Writing Coaching/Book Development – but can be ordered separately. Structural editing work will already be done.

Copy/line editing.
During this phase, errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure will be highlighted using track changes (WORD). Subheadings check. Referencing check. Please ask for our current editing price schedule.

Indexing.  Optionally, we can refer you to a gifted indexer, who does this by hand.  

Proofreading review of final draft after small line changes by author, preferably after layout (we would outsource to an experienced proofreader).

Book design is not included in book development program.

2.         Calculation of Fees and Other Expenses

All extraneous services outside coaching will be given as a quotation and agreed to in advance.  The hourly rate of Business Author Academy for editing or project management is billed at a rate of $70.00 per hour, if outside the scope quoted. Client communication (2 emails or calls a month) of a regular nature is not charged for.

3.         Billing Arrangements

Billing occurs at deposit and once monthly. Bills are payable with 14 days.

Scheduling. If a date is appointed for the author coaching call, and the author cannot make it, then our mentor needs to have 48 hours’ notice. If notice is not given, then the next session will then be scheduled at the discretion of the writing mentor.  

4.         Non-Payment of Bills

If Author does not pay a service bill nor request for delay within 21 days after the invoice is sent, Business Author Academy may stop agreed activities temporarily. If negotiations are ensuing over an invoice, then Business Author Academy will still act and communicate with the Author.

5.         Termination by Author

Author may terminate this agreement by giving Service Provider a written notice of 14 days before next payment, at any time, and will be liable for all work fees incurred up to that time. No coaching payments can be refunded except the first one (within 14 days), unless there has been limited (under 30 minutes) or no coaching that month. Communicate at

All rights to the work rest with the author.

6.         Termination by Business Author Academy

If the author has not provided the service provider with the writing required to move forward within 60 days, then coaching invoices will be frozen until such time as it is received.

Service Provider may terminate this agreement and stop acting for Author if:

  1. Author does not comply with this Agreement
  2. Service Provider forms the opinion, on reasonable grounds, that mutual confidence and trust does not exist between both parties.

7.  Indemnity

Author indemnifies Business Author Academy and its proprietor and agents against all losses, claims, damages and liabilities which arise out of the carrying out of advice on the production or marketing of their book.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each party to this agreement has caused it to be executed at 21 Baringa Street, Clontarf Queensland, on the date specified above.

FOR Business Author Academy                    FOR AUTHOR

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Authorised Signature                                        Authorised Signature

Jennifer Lancaster, Principal                 Author