So you want to save time and order the final proofread, book design (typesetting), ISBN admin, and eBook conversion from one company. Great, just make sure they are legit and worthy.

A good benefit of going with a publish supporter/hybrid, is the fact that they will set up the titles properly and advise on correct pricing. They will have the TitlePage/Nielsen account. They will manage your royalties and fix up the US tax identifier issue, so you don’t have to worry.

The downside is, you are at their mercy for the artwork. Plus, you may never know if the sales is going well that month as you do not have the tracking ability yourself. Choose wisely!

Should I Buy a Self-Publish Package?

The pitfalls of the book publishing supporter ownership outlined makes self-publishing administration seem better.

The benefit of taking on your own ISBNs is it could be the catalyst for you to start to act like a publisher imprint, complete with a name, a logo, a slogan, and plans for a series. This can seem more professional to outsiders. Amazon algorithms also prefer repeat author-publishers.

Best Australian Publishing Packages

Top of the list is Fontaine Publishing, including Vivid arm. Fontaine also publish their own backlist, but new authors pay them.

Fontaine are the most expensive (and expense does not equate to success). Get a quote for publishing here:

See their author reviews here:

Another Aussie place trusted by authors is IndieMosh. They have two main options (print + ebook, or just ebook), but can tailor it if you are further along the process.

They also give you 85%, retaining 15% of sales for administration. (Balboa Press only give you 50% of net profits). This means they will continue to serve your royalties long afterwards. They have an author showcase site too.

Print + eBook Package from $2,195, + extras for tables, images, premium cover, or full colour. Flexible.

There, you don’t need your own website as they have their own author shop (called MoshShop), which you can point your friends to.

MORE Self-Publish Supporter Reviews on my blog.

Power of Words at select times offers nonfiction authors a choice of two pro publishing packages (with two editing rounds and extras, like print proof, copies, designs, etc).

Another place to try is Publicious (Gold Coast).

Further, there is Ocean Reeve Publishing.

Kirsty Ogden at Self-Publishing Australia is well-known as an editor and supporter too. She has an author showcase.

Publicity and Marketing

Remember to budget for publicity/marketing and ask if there is a Media Information Sheet made (or one-sheet).

The Media one sheet will help when approaching new media about your book.

Distribution. Apart from getting your book done as a package, can they help you distribute the book via a retail distributor? It would be better if so, as Print on Demand does nothing to sell to bookstores. (Unless there is a plan to promote direct to bookstores).

How much will author copies cost? Many authors get caught out and have to pay full price for their own copies, which amounts to zero profits.

Go here for a list of Australian Book Distributors. Don’t bother with Novella Distribution or Brumby Sunstate Books unless full-time publisher.

How much should you budget for marketing?

Around 30 – 40% of the total cost of your book to publish should be spent towards marketing, author images, and publicity, including bookmarks or new author banner (for speaking in person).

$4,000 Book Publishing & Design Package

$2,000 Publicity/Images/Website costs

$400 – optional BookFunnel, Amazon Ads, Bublish, Reviews (e.g. Reedsy Discovery).

$6,400 Total. (Example only).

Wealth Warning. Would you believe…. one author rang me with a story of a vanity press folding (JoJo’s) and he had paid $20,000 to them to publish five books. After looking at the covers and blurbs, I could tell not ONE OUNCE of good work was done. Several times I heard the line that the ‘hybrid’ press just needed a $3,000 stipend and they would ‘grant’ the rest, which is bullshit at its best.

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