Play’n GO’s Cascading Grid Slot Has Been Replaced with the Wild Frames Slot Wild Cascading grid slots are currently quite popular,

and one of the most recent games to be developed in this genre is a game called Wild Frames. Play’n GO is responsible for the creation of this game, and the primary characteristics that set it apart from the competition are its Las Vegas-themed aesthetic and the significance of the game’s wild symbols. If you are eager to get to the bottom line, we can tell you that this is a highly fun title that enables Play’n GO to close 2019 with a genuine bang. We will examine both of those elements in more detail in a moment, but if you are eager to get there now, we can tell you that.

Take note of the Sevens

When you play Wild Frames, you’ll be working on a grid that’s seven columns wide and each of its rows is seven rows high. In addition to being one of the main symbols, the number 7 also makes an appearance. Other main symbols include the suits of clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds from playing cards, as well as a golden bell, a golden star, a blue diamond, and the Wild sign itself.

The grid is presented against a basic background of diamonds, which change color as you play, and the symbols all have a bright and flashy Las Vegas air to them. The impression of Las Vegas is further accentuated by a silky soundtrack consisting of energetic lounge music, and the audio effects distinguish themselves effectively from the main theme by underlining the events that are happening on-screen with explosions, jingles, and other sounds.

Explanation of the Wild Frames

When a Wild symbol appears anywhere on the reels, it will transform the position it now occupies into a Wild Frame, which has a multiplier value that begins at 1 whenever it is activated. This occurs frequently due to the fact that arbitrary wilds can be added to the grid following every spin that does not result in a winning combination. Should a Wild land in a cell that is already a Wild Frame, the multiplier value of that frame will rise by one, to a maximum value of x9, depending on how many Wilds have landed in that cell.

Activating the Wild Frames Feature of the Camera

As you progress through the game, additional Wild Frames will be accumulated; however, they will remain inactive until you activate the Wild Frames function. This is accomplished by filling up a Charge Meter that is located to the right of the grid. Rewards are triggered when the meter is filled with winning symbols in the following amounts: 20, 40, 60, or 80. The first three prizes are the Transform, Wildcard, and Shatter features, all of which are quite useful; nevertheless, the Wild Frames function itself is the fourth reward. When that occurs, the Wild Frames are activated, and any wins that they assist you in achieving will have the greatest multiplier present in the winning cluster applied to them in order to maximize the amount of the win. After that, this function will keep going for as long as you continue to acquire winning clusters.

A Fantastic Match to Cap Off a Fantastic Year

crazy Frames may be played at any location that provides Play’n GO games, so head over to the establishment of your choice to give it a spin or two, and who knows? You might just end up with some crazy wins!






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