how will you make a difference with writing

How will you make a difference through writing?

Why do we need to make a difference through writing a book?

As a multiple book writer myself, I think it’s because I harbour the desire to let people know that the power is in their hands. That they can either create a financial plan and income stream for them, or they can control the marketing that makes their lives easier.

Leaving a legacy is a very big reason people come to me to write their book. It matters to them, like it does to most of us, what form the book takes. They want the writing to resonate (for this they need a good editor) and they want it to be the right topic content too.

Sadly, people like my Uncle Eric – who had many great stories – never get to leave their stories in written form. But we can remember them by their photographs and memories.

Leaving a Legacy – Choices

Creating a book for longevity takes it that bit further – what do you want to let others in the world know? Do you often feel like shouting: just don’t go onto the social media if you feel so bad from it? (I do). What solutions have you come up with for today’s most pressing problems? Or will you do investigations into something we need to know more of? (Like did you know that cows are indirectly responsible for rainforest deforestation in the Amazon).

A legacy can also be left with a gift to charity. Some writers elect to give 10% of profits or simply all of the profits to a charity they unite with. One of my clients gave to White Ribbon Foundation, with a launch that helped them and also highlighted the domestic abuse suffered on many levels.

make a difference through writing

The Types of Stories that Matter

I’d like to briefly mention some books I’ve worked on. One was for a local pioneer history book, which was an amazing compilation of story, ancient history, colour plates and maps (hand-drawn). This book, Two Rivers Run, sheds light on an early settler family (the Andersons) of Gippsland.

Another interesting book was a coffee table book that melded an interior design ‘country’ feel, local history and even a bit of celebrity history. The community profiles helped highlight the non-famous notable people in the area too, along with a Red Cross local history link.

I really appreciate the efforts that authors go to, including paying a pretty penny for editing services, so that their book is actually a legacy and helpful to others.

If you have both life experience and specialist knowledge, I believe this makes a special kind of book. I encourage you to put these life experiences as stories (not lists, not summaries) dotted throughout the book in appropriate places. If you want to underline a point, then you need these stories to make it real for people.

A lot of newer authors have this under-confidence that they are somehow not worthy of putting their experiences to this, so (if writing coaching) I help with encouraging the drawing back of the curtain. You can put the experience into scenes, or using a flashback, or speaking through a made-up person, or whatever the tool might be.

When you want to leave a legacy with a book, choose a professional publishing support service… and learn a few writing tools and techniques along the way.