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This list is if you want magazines to pursue yourself, but there are also global sites to connect you to other bloggers via privately-owned search engines.

Join Facebook groups: Aussie Bloggers and Queensland Bloggers Circle — to reach out to similar others.

GroupHigh provides paid blogger outreach matching software to bigger brands. GroupHigh also provide free lists of niche topic influencers (Sign up necessary and it is a 2017 list).

Writing & Self-Help Topics

Spiritual/self-help writers can publish articles here:

19 Places that accept personal essays:

Publishing & authoring topics – The Independent Publishing Magazine:

Local Writers Centres have loads of opportunities for writing pieces and for developing skills.

QWC publishes WQ magazine (bi-monthly), where you can pitch articles on writing or impressions of being an author or buy cheap Aussie book advertising – join Queensland Writers for $70 a year.

How to Submit Articles to Journals – Writing NSW

Citizen Journalism

Independent Australia – citizen journalist articles from 700 to 1200 words. Unique and spirited, include a bio for them. Paid up to $150 for 5,000 views.

Women’s Agenda – topics around Australian women in the workplace or relevant book/conference lessons. Not usually paid for non-journalists.

Other Sources of Publicity

Source Bottle

Connects media, like expert bloggers or journalists, with expert sources seeking publicity. (Some of the ‘chapters wanted’ are disguised advertising, so beware).

Media Connections / Influencing

News Source membership is from $597 – $797 + GST a year. Join as a member and select “available for interview”.  You can make a “quick pitch” or ask for your book to be reviewed.  It’s small but growing and mainly used by journalists and PR agencies.

‘Influencing’ is a bigger place to join and place your own media release, and paying means greater views on your articles.


Shar Moore runs this new magazine (digital and print) for inspiring women. Perhaps email the editor for a new ‘why you started’ story idea or other worldly advice.

Contact Shar here for articles or advertising: