How to Finish Your Book or Course

How to Finish Writing Your Book or Course

Do you ever feel like it takes you for-ever to write a book, finish a course, or set up your videos? Then read on.

Ask Yourself: Is What You're Doing Today Going to Get You Closer to Your Goal?

Tip 1 – Assess your actions

The first tip we’ve got for you is to align your actions with your intentions. In practical terms, this means self-assessing:

  • what habits are detracting from your goals, e.g. are you chatting on Facebook, but not really marketing?
  • what fires are you putting out in terms of clients/boss, while your own dreams die?
  • how long do you spend worrying about something, rather than doing it?

I used to worry about what is the best course creation software, what kind of media would be received better?, oh my videos aren’t clear, etc.

Then I realised that was holding me back. These worries stopped me from releasing past courses that would have helped earn income and grow my author brand.

So, if your intention is to create a course, anything small, such as ordering the design of a course banner, is a concrete action towards that goal. And scheduling in weekly time for your creation is as important as that sense of duty to others that you have.

Believe inYourself, Dream big, Work hard & make it happen

Tip 2 – Don’t be the block

This is about self-belief. When you’re writing or creating, often the fear of not being good enough takes hold.

Aligning your actions once again, remind yourself what is the intention? It’s not to create the most perfect book or program… it’s to serve people with your book or program.

As you can’t serve people when the work is stuck on your hard drive, it’s up to you to work on it and then hand it over to an editor or beta reader to give their feedback.

With videos, it takes an offshore video editor about 24-36 hours to edit a lesson video and costs about $35. If this outsourcing moves the project along faster and looks good, well, why not do it?

Share your plans create more momentum share your intentions and plans with others

Tip 3 – Share your plans

Another way to create more momentum is to share your intention and plan with others.

When you share your plans, you call in the consistency principle.

The consistency principle states that people are motivated toward cognitive consistency and will change their attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and actions to achieve it.

Robert Cialdini wrote about how to use this principle to your advantage in his book Influence, Science and Practice. Sharing your plans publicly and having a mentor with a plan or schedule of yours is a surefire way to activate this principle.

Key Takeaways: 3 tips

Hope you enjoyed these writing tips and remember, we’re here to support your book writing and course creation goals. Make sure to share these tips with your friends and family. 🙂