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How do I Spend my Book Promotion Time?

As a business author, it seems you need to split your time 50/50 between writing/editing and book promoting/connecting. But if you fit in client work too, it’s more like 75 clients | 25 writing/promoting. And there is so much to fit into your writing time already!

That’s why, when I am nearing completion of a book and laying the groundwork for promotions and launch, I cut back on client work and the technical side of things. Or get a VA for a while; to sort out technical details.

Marketing becomes really important about three months out from your book release. If you want to get really serious, then take these expert marketing tips for self-publishers (Kirkus Reviews).

If you don’t connect helpfully with others, then you’re unlikely to secure a guest post or free book review from a reader/friend.

Guest blogging is one of the secrets to getting a strong link profile and online reputation. (The former serves Google rank while the latter is how others see your work). 

When many other bloggers/reviewers/journalists are talking about your book, then you’ll come into some good sales. It may be unknown where these sales stemmed from originally, yet it is more leveraged than one-at-a-time sales you do know about. Who cares right? As long as your profile grows and the book (or books) sells.

Look, it’s best to stick to finding extra popular content portals rather than searching for hours. Look at niche portals on BuzzSumo and scan your favorite Feed reader (Try Feedspot).

Book Promotion Time Management?

Help yourself keep organised with simple task manager software. I use Asana. You could use a simple spreadsheet if you’re that way inclined, but just ensure you follow emails up. Often press releases or pitches go into spam and it’s important to use Twitter messages or phone calls to chase it.

Some advice for this is in the book: How to Market Your Book by Rachel Bermingham.

Simple Book Marketing Hacks

One ‘time hack’ is to build a team to do some of the grunt work. A Book Marketing Assistant would be nice, as would someone to load up the social media!  But here are some marketing hacks for the D-I-Y crowd.

  • Use RelayThat (simple) or Canva to do your social media and freebie cover designs.
  • Write well-researched blog topics that can also be made into a Medium post, a YouTube video or a longer article for a magazine later on. You could even do FB Live with your topic.
  • Increase Pinterest followership and pin all your text-styled images – it’s a lot faster than going on Facebook. (Use sharing icons or else the Chrome Pinterest extension).
  • Set up a Social Media Scheduler with the month’s posts (50% yours; 50% curated) and don’t forget your industry hashtags. ZOHO charge in your nation’s dollars.

Remember, there is a lot to be gained by putting together a plan for book promotion well in advance. Here’s what expert writer, Boni Wagner-Stafford, has to say:

“Creating your own book marketing strategy will build confidence about how to speak to your readers and influencers… engage in conversations about peripheral topics, and how to naturally insert the topic of your book into those conversations”

— Boni Wagner-stafford, at

Marketing for the Slower Times:

  • Create LinkedIn connections and attend workshops with other authors; offering guest writer posts in a personal way and not in spammer language!
  • Writing press releases, set for release at launch or pre-order
  • Create a media kit or Advance Information sheet all about your book
  • Promote your book inside a free digital magazine of your own writerly friends!
  • Email marketing name collection via giveaways, e.g. Rafflecopter.

Conclusion: Get Busy!

Well those are a few book promotion ideas I used in January, ready for my book launch in Feb 2020. What is it? Thought you’d never ask: it’s called Creative Ways with Money.

What are you doing to quickly promote your book?

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