Running for book awards is a cost and time versus potential reward decision. There are many international awards open to us, plus national (Australian) legitimate book awards for various genres.

Some prestigious awards are not accessible to the self-publishing author as they are chosen through booksellers. Always check the entry requirements, entry fees, and the Prizes.

Pay for International Awards

Readers Favorites – enter Feb/Mar, for 1 April every year. US$99

Blurb Writing Contest – hone your skills in writing book blurbs.

Australian Women’s Writing Awards

University entrants from NSW and Members of SWW Awards (member fee)

2020 Heroines Prize and Anthology – short story or poetry – $25, incl. copy

Hawkeye Manuscript Development Prize – full manuscript needed, $45

Literary Awards Calendar

If your book is a level above the rest, then find out about Aussie literary awards — must have a book with distribution.

Australian Business Book Awards — closes 31 August yearly

Respond to Media Call-outs

With local media site, SourceBottle, you can sign up to free Drink up alerts… hard to get in with the cacophony of respondents however, unique stories or angles will! See How it Works.

There are subscriptions too, $25 p.m. for an Expert Profile membership.