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Fast-Start Training for Self-Published Business Authors

Having been an editor for seven years, I like to share tips and findings on my two blogs with all the new book authors. But I never realised that there was a need for fast-start author training days.

When there was the 48-hour Author weekend workshop for planning your book, I poo-poohed the idea that anyone can successfully plan and write a book this quick.

Now I know more of the barriers to people writing their first book, I get it.

If support is needed, I still think it best to spend the money on writing coaching over 3-6 months and learn writing techniques and marketing tips every day, but I understand. People want to deep dive, and avoid their own procrastination, deliberation and doubt!

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Next Level, Past Writing a Book

What about once you’ve got past the hurdle of writing your book?

Then there is also the matter of taking that book, selling it to a tribe and getting a portion of them to take up online programs. This is the ‘holy grail’ of lifestyle business options for the matured business or life advisor.

It seems that Print on Demand was not the secret sauce it promised on the box. It is, rather, a very fast and cheap way to get a book digitally distributed (via a feed). Any book, with virtually no gatekeepers.

In my educated opinion, using this is not the way to interest thousands of people and sell thousands of dollars worth of programs.

You know, there’s something missing from the system… and naturally, Book Creation Success program has a printable PDF on personal branding and offers.

The missing link from selling books: an author brand and sales funnel system!


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The Ins and Outs of a Book-into-a-Course Planning Day

The personal brand must be set up before launching the how-to or self-help or business book. Then a sales funnel (pages that explain it) for the program or course must be in place within 3 months of book launch date!

Launches should likewise be planned a minimum of 3 months ahead.

But, how do you plan all this launching activity, when it is all you can do to service clients, tend to family, write your content and do some book writing?

You go to a working day: Turn Your Book into a Course VIP Day, to be specific. So, from the origins of your book, the course can all be planned out that day.

Some free tips on book launching will be given at my free Book Publicity talk on Friday 25th June, 5pm, at Redcliffe Library, Qld.

Why Should an Author do a Course Planning Event?

It’s not like you just plan out an amazing new course on your own. You’ll be learning from an Australian publishing mentor and a course editor with a hands-on understanding of:

  • Both writing and editing a non-fiction book (17+ non-fiction books edited)
  • Book formatting/typesetting (another 10 books)
  • Digital Marketing (15 years’ experience in marketing or copywriting)
  • Taking information and making courses!

Plus hear from another expert who specialises in putting the course material into an all-in-one platform, with design flair.

Over the past two years, besides editing books, I have been testing different marketing ideas and compiling learning resources for indie authors, culminating in Book Creation Success here at the academy.

Planning out your course will be integral to earning MUCH MORE from the book’s concepts, since it does not have the price limitations set by the market.

We can arrange this VIP day with two experts (book creation / course building) in Brisbane, Queensland, on a Saturday in May, June or July 2021. Contact Jennifer.

Your new online course or membership can pay for itself over and over again.

Do this work so you can tell your stories, share practical advice and reasoned arguments.

Enquire for what it’s all about — below!

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