It’s Your Chance to Give Publishing Course Feedback

The Book Creation Success course 2.0 is in beta and launching soon. So, I had to sort through a lot of topics and only pick the ones that were most important to new authors, remembering that self-publishing is new to them. (It also includes funding a book).

I would love some feedback on the Course outline (which anyone can see), the free previews, and whether it needs a Canva demonstration as a bonus. After all, book promotions are one way to create some buzz about your book. (Marketing will be in another course, in future).

This streamlined version is more for those starting with writing and producing their book, finding out about all the things to do, and planning the fundamental pre-launch activities. It is easy to take and fun to do.

Even with an extensive Curriculum guide, it still gets confusing whether something should be included!

Here is the course outline so far:

Launch date:

25 February 2022

All current students of Book Creation Success will get full access to this course too, for their 12 months.

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