creating income from book publishing

Building an Income along with a Book

Here I want to uncover some of the fallacies around book publishing and how it is possible to turn something you love into a nice income stream.

Many of the authors I hear from have said, ‘It’s okay, I’m happy to publish my book and see, it doesn’t have to make a steady income’. Okay… but isn’t that fear talking? Wouldn’t you rather make a regular income?

Well, I have found a book launch strategy that actually helps to make you money ongoing. This strategy makes money not only from the book, but from the attached online course and community. Some who have done this well seem to have set off a ‘movement’.

Many of us don’t realise the machinations behind the scenes of a big launch. It would be fair to say that people like Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation or Rob Cubbon with The New Freedom, have worked the Kindle Launch and list building to some success. (Even if that success is just 60 cents per book revenue). Much thought went into the book’s title and cover, i.e. its angle. However, the much larger money is to be made from selling online courses and personal coaching.

If you want to know more about a ‘creating a movement’ strategy (and you promise you won’t get lost and go to a high-priced competitor), have a look at the fast-talking Kary Oberunner’s launch strategy here.

You can also see the real work done that incidentally created a movement by American Debbie Stier at The Perfect Score Project. Australian author, Leanne Blaney, also reveals her inside secrets behind an Amazon launch… over on my other blog.

passion for your book

Passion for your Topic

At the same time as a focus on revenue, you need to have passion for the topic. Because you as the expert (yes, you must be the expert in your niche topic) will be writing about it on your blog, perhaps talking about it on podcasts and interviews, and sending out emails on the background and benefits of the topic. Even if that topic is simply decluttering a wardrobe, there will be a sector of the population who’d love to know the benefits of such.

All this written and audio work accumulates and can be rearranged nicely to fit a course. But how to do it in time with a book launch, when there is already so much to do? That’s where you need some help.

Virtual Author Assistants‘ are the home-based people who can write about your book for SourceBottle, or load up your Goodreads author profile, call up podcast hosts, and arrange for speaking opportunities. This link is to a Facebook group of talented individuals, based in Australia. VAAs could also help you to do a launch for a course. More examples of what they can do are at Derek Murphy’s blog.  

Obviously it is a little complicated to set up a membership like Business Author Academy’s Book Writing Success, or a course, but the fact is: it can be free to get started. YesCourse is one place you can freely host a multimedia-based course (revenue share) or Udemy (50/50 share) is another.

Or, if you want all the bells and whistles (the tutorials, the analytics, the lead captures, list builder and email campaigns) on your membership site, then I highly recommend Kartra. Its price is from $US89 (or $125) per month, so a fair whack, but for that you can drop all the other standalone paid plugins and email systems that you might be using. All-in-one software is good, even if a little bit of learning to get a handle on.



Creating a community takes time. The best time to build up your marketing though is while writing your book(s) and not afterwards. If you wait till launch, you already have so much to do and not much time to let momentum take place.

We’d also love for our emails or promo videos to go viral on day one. But that normally takes a helping hand with the virtues of a video editing genius. And it takes some time to promote the videos, normally.

Hey, if you’d like some help with writing a book and you’re ready for online tips and lessons, look at Business Author Academy. If you would prefer a writing coach, please speak to me, Jennifer Lancaster. I work with any non-fiction author from down under. Just search on Google.