This optional activity helps your launch in two ways. It may interest people in your book, if done with pizzazz or humour, and it will help people understand visually what your book stands for.

Tip: Don’t try to read out a book summary, or have the video go too long. About 45 seconds to 1 minute is perfect. A series of slightly longer videos can look at different aspects.

Book Trailer Templates: Free

Adazing and their PowerPoint video templates:
(Childrens, Romance, Action Adv. + lots of tips)

BiteAble Makes it Easy

BiteAble Free Video Template:

Have a look at all the trailer templates, as one might be better as a base to start with.

Use 1.8 million free images and BiteAble templates to create your own, starting out free.

Pay a fee (USD) if you want to share on more platforms – it’s $19 USD per month or pay once-off for one video. You can make anything, not just fiction.

You can even advertise your Video on YouTube if it packs a real punch in the first 6 seconds.