Most council libraries and university libraries actually use private library suppliers. Suppliers such as Peter Pal (QLD), ALS (Adelaide), and James Bennett (NSW) will gladly add your new title and images to their behemoth database from which they recommend a few books based on library criteria.

The type and quality of your books is assessed by private library suppliers and they provide a filter for the HUGE number of books to select from.

You can supply book orders directly (they will send an order and you send the books at net price and an invoice, with ship cost) or let them order through IngramSpark. If you’re with Amazon, you’ll need to supply directly.

What To Do

Ready your Title Information Sheet and cover image PDF in small size. Imagine if everyone sent them 10 MB files! Include the ISBN, the publish date, RRP, author name, distributor or ‘apply direct’, and a small blurb.

Send out right before the book is published or as close as possible to release.

Peter Pal – prefer their form filled (in Word doc) and a book preview in PDF.

Phone: +61 7 3806 1155
Fax: +61 7 3806 1455

ALS – Australian Library Suppliers

1300 136 490 They prefer you fill out this form:

Then deliver a print copy to their address. Add your return address.

14B Konando Terrace
Edwardstown, South Australia 5039

This is at your expense.

James Bennett – NSW – require their Excel form filled.

Send it, with optional small cover image, to