My authors have found it hard to gather book reviews. The new rules on Amazon mean that very few can get others to review their book on Amazon, with there having to be no social connection, no reciprocal book review, and the reader to be an Amazon customer of over $50 net.

BUT, you can ask for reviews in the back of your book.

Some nice reviewers ask for reviews directly–although this is the minority. See for example, Knowledge Lost. NetGalley and BookSiren offer ways to reach reviewers without individual reach-out emails. Yah!

NetGalley or BookSiren for Blogger Book Reviews?

NetGalley is the professional hub of 550,000 bloggers, librarians, Goodreads, Bookbub and Amazon reviewers, and readers who want to share their reviews.

NetGalley opens your book (pre-launch) up to several Australian book reviewers, e.g. BookdOut, CarpeLibrum, ReadingReality, etc.

An early reader book to review is called a ‘Galley’, hence a digital galley.

IBPA membership is required for the half-price special.

IBPA Publisher class membership (1-9 employees) = US$139 per year.

Digital Galley is then US$199 for 3 months. Also includes subscription to IBPA independent digital magazine.

Be sure to download the NetGalley program information and ebook/audiobook tips. See Ebook optimisation.

NetGalley ProsNetGalley Cons
Huge number of blogger reviewsIndie authors may get swamped by sheer number of all books
Fine reputation Expensive entry level, min. US$338 (or $450 direct)
Some bloggers only use this, not directNo control over who downloads it; no vetting of reviewers or ensuring they remember to post a review to Amazon too (not just own website)
For Australians, not so useful to be a member of IBPA in the US
BookSiren ProsBookSiren Cons
Charges a flat rate of US$10 to feature your ARC on website. After the initial fee, you pay $2 for every person who downloads your book. And you set the limit.Can only commit to promoting books which you’ve published in the last 90 days or will publish in the future. (Author Plan info)
As Indie author, has an option to promote books all year round (yearly plan) Site still in its infancy
The reviews seem high-quality, well-written (according to Raena J Rood) and for her, most transferred the review to Amazon too.
Readers are invited to join your mailing list or follow you. This is at NO cost.
Overall, a solid case for BookSiren for independent authors

Paid International Review, suited for US authors review — one free (not likely) or US$59

  • List of 500,000 + review exchange + author forum
  • Listed on RF site, KOBO, Google Books, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Guaranteed review: 2 Week Express Review
  • incl. mini critique of your book with ratings on five aspects
  • incl. advertising for one month
  • Good value offer

Australian Book Review offers (Goodreads, their site, etc)

Writerful Books (free for limited time)

Books + Publishing Review

Once your book is proofread and set, you can send it to Books+Publishing newsletters review submissions. Review must be requested 3 months prior to launch. Book must be written by an Australian or New Zealand author. A very important site for nationally-acclaimed books to be.

Australian Book Bloggers. Listing of many amateur literary bloggers – see those above at the top of the page which are still going strong.

Boomerang Books Blog showcases Australian books.

Register your own Book (free)… or pay $30 for book promoted (3 months) at Australian Authors marketplace.

USA Book Reviewer Lists

Kindle Book Reviews (choose one reviewer to contact) — free

Reedsy Discovery submit — $50 US to gain exposure – almost any book type — open to global authors who have Amazon book.

BookPage Reviews. – 3 months in advance. Post to Nashville.

Barnes & Noble. If you publish with Amazon, you cannot apply for in-store retailer supply. Reviews are hard to come by. Applicable American authors.

Pro-forma for a Simple Review Request

I noticed that you are ……………, so I hope you will enjoy my very practical book: [Book Title].

I am an Australian author, but my book relates to people around the world.


[add book description here – not hyped]


I would love you to review and return to myself (for Editorial Review) or if viable, please put it on Amazon:

BOOK REVIEW LINK: [Put your own ASIN or ISBN after the = ]

You are the only reviewer I contacted from [name of review site]. I hope that you and I will be in touch in some small way in future.
The ePub version is attached.
Thank you,