1. GOODREADS:  The biggest book site (owned by Amazon, with lots of rules). Integrates with Kindle. Offers networking with friends, book challenges, book catalogue, giveaways and lists.

After setting up as an Author and reading the guide, then you can consider a giveaway in your country. Goodreads now charge $119 for giveaways. Give away only as many new books as you can afford to pay for. Review not guaranteed nor might it be good.

See Author Widgets

See Author Widgets. Getting the Goodreads badge, you can download an ‘add to’ to your website sidebar.

The second part is Review Widgets, so your web visitors will see book reviews hosted at Goodreads.

If you know your website, you may add ‘Review Widgets’ – click ‘configure & add widget’. Once copying & pasting the code they give, then put it into a HTML box in the widgets area in your dashboard (or inside a page within the HTML editor).

Encourage more reviews by joining Goodreads’ author forums, and every second post mentioning your book.

Claim your book. If your book does not come up in search, on Author Dashboard you will see a tiny ‘add book’. Press this to fill in the ISBN and details to claim your book under your name/pen name.

2. LIBRARYTHING:  One of the first book cataloguing sites, with over 2.2 million members. Networking, free book giveaways.

3. BOOK CROSSING:  A book sharing site. Leave a book post of yours there, and look up books you find.

4. LITSY:  Phone app only. An ‘Instagram for books’ (not as big though!).  Book reviews, book photos, social networking.

5. BOOKBUB Partners: Known for eBook deals (free or 99 cents) for 4-star+ reviewed books, you can also sign up as a partner in order to include author book recommendations and book cataloguing. It would work for those who have a strong presence or lots of author friends. BookBub list of Free Author Marketing Tools. Follow Jennifer on BookBub, and I will follow back.

6. If eBook on Draft2Digital – Different tools include: reading lists and Universal Book Links + set up Author Page.

Create a Reading List – Books2Read newsletter

Instructions for Setting up your D2D Author Page on my blog.

Sign up at Books2Read:  https://books2read.com/

Advertising, Once Established

Here is a way to find thousands more readers with a small budgeted amount:

BookBub Ads can be used to promote any book at any price at any time. Ads aren’t subject to an editorial review process, so you can launch a campaign whenever you want and let it run as long as you’d like. You decide your own budget and choose your own ad image. Lastly, Ads offer new, powerful targeting options that allow you to choose which readers see your ad.

I started advertising CWM (non-fiction) book to AU audiences only, for a test of US$25 – I chose CPC bidding, so I only pay when readers click to view more about book. It shows to 10,000 or so; between 0.50 – 0.90 per click. There are not many people who read non-fiction finance on BookBub AU, so there was tiny spend.

Reviews: Free Options

Australian Books+Publishing publish reviews in industry newsletters destined for Australian library buyers, bookstores, and reviewers. Must apply 3 months prior to publication.

See this page: https://www.booksandpublishing.com.au/review-submissions/

Paid Options to Deliver Readers/Encourage Reviews

Post to newsletter for eBook readers/reviewers AU$15

BookSprout: a platform to deliver advanced reader copies, helpful to ask for reviews. Mostly these platforms require you to have a street team already.

  • FREE, $10 or $20 per month.
  • Is the only ARC site which has a reader review community looking for ARCs.
  • Can make your ARC only available to a private community.
  • You can require the platform you want reviews to be posted at.
  • Automated follow-ups to remind early readers to review.

BookBuzz + NetGalley Offer

For Global Authors

$150 US. See: http://bookbuzz.net/99-book-buzz-promo-net-galley-special/

This offer means your listing is checked online and the data is sent to 50 book reviewers, 100 bookstores, 3 PR sites, etc.

NetGalley is a place where book reviewers (trade or amateur) go to find pre-release books to read and blog/write about. Over 6,000 reviewers.

IBPA Members can also access a US$199 listing (3 months) in NetGalley.

Note: ‘NetGalley direct’ pricing starts at $450.