Google Play is an outside eBook source, not served by Amazon, Smashwords or Draft2Digital, so if you want to appear on this Android compatible store, you’ll need to go through the upload process.

First, ready your ePub file, jpeg cover file and have all your book details ready in your book ‘specs’ document.

Go To:

Likely you want “sell an eBook” and use your ISBN. (Smashwords give free ISBNs). If no ISBN, then try to find an EAN given out at your eBook aggregator.

If you have looked up your BISAC before, then start typing the first lot of category (as you see I am typing here). Then scroll right down to the right sub-category. I didn’t know the alternative number, as IngramSpark use BISAC.

YOU MAY ADD ANOTHER GENRE. Just make it very specific!

Author Names. Copy and Paste your Author Bio here.

Settings. DRM is not recommended, however, I am tired of people bootlegging my ebooks. If the people want to share between devices they will not be able to, with DRM encryption on. Rest can be as recommended.

Select your rights–I always tick worldwide.

Now click ‘Show Advanced Settings’.

Put your link for the printed book to the right. I have missed putting the correct name for the site of the printed book (Amazon).

I put my own website URL as the publisher website.

Save and Continue.

Upload your inner book ePub or PDF, by hitting “BROWSE” to locate it. Close.

Then upload your front cover (.JPG). “Upload a File”

Set your price and continue. Check all items are okay. e.g. I did not notice that Publisher was wrong.


If you make a mistake, just go back to the book in your “Book Catalog” and go to “Book Info”. Go down and hit “Save”.

Once SAVED, hit the X in top left corner.

It should now say “Live on Google Play” underneath it.

Congratulations, your eBook is on Google Play! Tell your Android smartphone loving friends.