Kick-start your book with my book outlining course!

With this AU $29 book outlining course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of ideation, planning and structuring your self-help or how-to book. 

This beginner level course will help a non-fiction novice writer:

Brainstorm topics easily and get tips on research

Understand the power of mind mapping - with a visual demonstration

Write the outline - refine the ordered topics and add detail.

Learn 5 ways of structuring self-help or how-to books

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What a few of my clients or students have to say...

Working together, Jennifer (as my writing coach) not only got back to me promptly with the excellent suggestions on my grammar, spelling etc, but also on my writing style, which began to increasingly improve (to my delight) under her tutelage!

Beverley Rillat-Richardson

Author, How to be a Widow

I would highly recommend Jennifer to anybody who is looking at self-publishing a book. From my experience it can be quite a lonely and soul bearing experience, so it was nice to share the journey with somebody else.

Fred van Urk

Sales Coach

As a first time writer, she gave me a lot of information that has made the process much smoother than it would otherwise have been, saving me time and money.

Olejuru Lanfear

Author, The Fundamentals of Merchandise Planning

'Book Creation Success' and the academy platform is a great tool for self-published authors  who are just starting up or are struggling in certain aspects of their book writing and publishing journey - be it writing, production or book promotion.

Jennifer offers sound advice and guidance to most topics on the subject. 

Jason Rebello

Author, The Red Earth Diaries

What are you waiting for?

One of the most difficult aspects of writing a book is structuring and planning it. With this 3-Step course, you’ll get the guidance to convert your ideas into an actionable structure – saving you months of time and lots of pen chewing!