I think you might be here because you’re writing a full-length book to help your business or career life, and you don’t want to reinvent the wheel in order to get it published and promoted!

You’ve probably looked at Self-Publishing 101 or Self-Publishing School, but were disappointed that you had to either buy more courses later or hand over $3,997+ just to get started with group-based learning. 

As an Aussie self-publisher myself, I was in exactly the same situation in 2006. I didn’t know how to self-publish well, I didn’t have that extra cash, and then, I couldn’t find many readers. I started to run ads on Google to sell my new books as I had no audience then.

Later on, with Amazon.com, I noticed my author clients also had no way of getting reviews or contacting the readers who’d bought their book. 

Besides knowing about production, the legal side, funding and editing, all covered in our course, I told them to NOT make my mistake. Think about marketing first!

To avoid the time and money pit, we need to really get stuck in to BUILD a LIST and promote the books we write.

I hope you enjoy my Book Creation Success, a comprehensive self-publishing course, which comes with 20 weeks of email reminders and 12 months’ access.

Jennifer Lancaster

Author Course Intro
Book Creation - Modules 1 to 5
Book Creation - Module 6

What does it cover?

All the items above have their own page and either text or video tutorial.

We also have supplementary marketing guides, (updated) media lists, user guides for IngramSpark or Amazon, and templates to use. 

Who is Book Creation Success for?

It’s for specialists, course facilitators, coaches, etc, who want to turn their knowledge into a book — and grow their business by offering products. 

Book Creation Success
Why Write a Book?
Book Legalities and Legal Deposit
Book Structuring
Book Production tips
Print on Demand with IngramSpark/ Kindle Print
Book Funding and Publishing Proposals
Marketing, Branding and Media Lists
Printable Guides | Facebook Group
eBook uploading and sales tips
Thoughtful Book Writer
Program is paid monthly, aiding you to write a shortish book (under 30,000 words: $2,380) or medium book (30,000-55,000-words: $2,990) all inclusive.
Your Book Coach support:
Writing and Publishing Schedule
Book Structuring guidance
Authors Facebook Group
All Book Creation Success content

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does self-publishing a book cost?

Notice the low price of the course. This is so you can still afford to put funds into editing and book design. 

A rough estimate for print book publishing, with design, is AU$4,000 (without the marketing part). You’ll find more detailed guides on variations in the course. 

For marketing, you can use our branding template and marketing plan and free author branding mini-series, to start your own Author Brand. Then you can put some thought into how image-luscious that brand can be! 

You can also choose to do Facebook Lives and guest podcasts.

These marketing ways need no technical knowhow. Typical extras cost:

Email Marketing System:  US$15 per month, or free

Website system:  Free or AU$25 per month

Why does it cost less than the others?

Well, BAA is a small startup in Queensland, Australia, and with Book Creation Success, we’re not aiming for millions of dollars. It’s more important to us that people have access to tried-and-tested information at a good price.  


What if I need personal writing coaching?

Our book coaching is a personal, one-to-one service and so you are not sitting on a call with 20 others.

If you require coaching, please book a free call with Jennifer at bookjenniferlancaster.as.me

As we grow, we will only work with experienced book writing coaches (ones with a head for business!)