From Jennifer Lancaster, author, editor, writing supporter:

Business Author Academy

Book Creation Success Course

Do you want to be in the top 1% of authors? Or simply have a smoother path to book publishing?

Then you need the must-have knowledge of all top-selling book authors. Things like:

  • How to do research and create a book that has an angle… that’s ready to be welcomed
  • How to get funding for your book or get an ISBN and uploading instructions – to do it yourself
  • Pre-launch necessities – only what you TRULY need to do before launching, and post launching tasks in Amazon

This 20-week book publishing course includes both the ‘how to’ components and creative ideas from Jennifer Lancaster. Jennifer has over 11 years’ experience in writing and self-publishing multiple books for herself and others.

Access is open for 12 months while you write.

You also join the members’ group: ‘Business Author Academy’ on Facebook, for all your other publishing questions and get answers within the week.

Resources you need or want can also be requested – as a paying member.

Personal Support

We are also forming a Group coaching program, Simple Book Writing Success, which will be extremely affordable for novice non-fiction book authors down under.

Marketing for Influencers – online course

Marketing for Influencers online course

This author’s course is for the complete novice to marketing! Not for Influencers! 

Marketing for Influencers course – showing how to set up your branding and online marketing for new authors in order to build a platform!

Sell your book or course, while creating more influence (and profits) in business. Lots of folks online show you how to build a course or why to write a book, but nobody shows you how to build up influence and an online presence with cheap/free and easy tools.

You also need a simple CRM system and to know how to contact the media when it’s nearly time to launch. Follow along as Jennifer explains in video, text, and template form.

So, What are You Going to Learn?

First, we learn about personal branding and marketing through influence in the digital age — through influencer networks and content.

Find out why researching your niche audience is the most important foundation step.

  • You’ll set up a Marketing Plan (for book/business) with our template and example.
  • Learn about creating offers and marketing to visitors via email (important to capture readers)
  • Influence more people with Guest posts and social media sharing.
  • Increase readership through your own blog and blogger reach-out
  • Systemise your business with a CRM and email, even if your business is writing and publishing.
  • Ensure you get a return profit on your books and marketing, through calculating ROI.
  • Find the right media channels or magazines for your book with our handy guide. (We cover press releases too).

Access to the course and downloadable templates for 12 months is included.

See the outline at BAA’s Marketing for Influencers enrolment page.