Author Branding and Publishing Choices

As someone who is intent on publishing a book, one that gives you opportunities, you want to learn about different publishing supporters, find a course, and get great service! 

That’s why the founder at BAA (Australia), Jennifer Lancaster, has created a unique series to provide an insight into the book publishing journey and author branding steps.  Videos are fun, so consider investing 1/2 an hour in watching the series.

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Hey, I noticed you’re still deliberating… well, I wanted to promise that you won’t be getting daily emails. We space the videos with 3 days between, then further emails are also more about learning marketing.

As someone who supports clients and writes blogs personally, Business Author Academy is a friendly kind of place. 

Along with a bank of 150 self-publishing articles, we have BAA blog articles on various author topics, marketing tips, profiting… and sometimes you may spot Jennifer in a summit or virtual webinar.

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