Book Marketing Mistakes

5 Book Marketing Mistakes to Avoid (for Influential Authors)

If you’re writing a non-fiction book, then you’re in for a lot of fun as you come up with creative ways to market your book, all while juggling your coaching, consulting or creative business. As a busy person, you want to spend your time marketing wisely, as well as your money.

Problem #1: Trying to Pitch to Everyone

Many authors are trying to pitch their book to ALL business owners or ALL Mums or ALL creatives. Nope, there is a more defined audience than that, such as Married Businesspeople or Franchisees who market… or Mums who want a side hustle… or Freelance Creatives who want to grow an agency.

When you’ve defined your book target audience down to that level, you’ll find it much easier to reach their hearts publicly. This might include press release pitching, special talks at Meetup groups, or local radio and podcast guest spots.

Problem #2: Regurgitating Blog Content

My favourite style of marketing is Content Marketing. But, most businesspeople regurgitate the same old text articles and post on social media to help interest people in their book. This is working less and less (even for my personal blog!).

If you feel like checking out the proof of this, see NeilPatel’s blog. For video, audio, and podcasting, while competitors are growing… there are still more gaps to create content inside niches. Particularly true if you have a vibrant personality and some wit!

Luckily, if your book is to do well, it will already have a narrowly defined niche which lends itself to a particular angle and tips. The phone I just bought, an Oppo R17 Pro, is perfect for shooting short videos, which can end up as Instagram TV or story, or on Facebook. Any modern smartphone can do the same.

After the video, you can get an audio from it, then with some more assistant work, you can get some transcription of it, for under the video on your web blog. If you hate video, just publish the audio, along with the text (for SEO purposes).

Problem #3:  You’re ask Strangers for Marriage

The trouble with promoting your new book on social media platforms with ‘buy my book’ or ‘get 20% off my new book’ is it’s like asking a stranger to marry you. It rarely works as the marketing funnel is more like this slower process:

  • Attract with some flowers:  nice photos / nice quotes
  • Ask for a first date:  download this free chapter or guide
  • Get some interaction:  ask for typical issues or ask for feedback on a cover
  • Then seek exclusive dating:  if you like my stuff so far, buy my book at launch price

Marriage might be asked if expressing they want 1-to-1 help through your consulting!

Many of these desperate pleas on Facebook are because the author didn’t think to build an audience well before Launch, and they know that the book will quickly lose date, particularly if it contains current-day references and websites. (A good reason to make your first book evergreen).

Find out more about how to build an author platform before you publish.

Problem #4: Advertising your Book via SMM

Reiterating the last problem, just advertising a book cover and price is going to flop. UNLESS you are Brendon Burchard!  Even then, he only gets paid for the Postage & Handling of his books (and then upsells).

So, without engaging an audience first, advertising on Facebook or Instagram is going to be a huge waste. Amazon ads? Well, that is a matter of assessing your risk and affordability for the perceived return.

So, whether you are paying for socials or trying to promote a book for free, you can’t take a shortcut to sell books.

Social media is much better at attracting people to your brand and angle. Then a few will find it engaging enough to see what you’ve got for sale.

Problem #5: Inconsistent Efforts

Just as bad as waiting around until near launch to promote your book brand, is inconsistent promotion efforts.  Many authors make a couple of unoptimised blog posts then forget about that. And then move to Instagram to make a few picture posts around the topic. But not even on a theme or with a certain look. Oh, your Instagram hasn’t grown in a month, oh well, that mustnt work then.

I’ve spent six months, just 5 minutes a day, slowly growing Business Author Academy’s Instagram account. It has 84 followers. It just doesn’t happen very fast … but then I’ve got many more priorities than this.  (By the way, we’d love another follower if you like the content!)

Check Out These Authors:

The authors that rely on book fans and blog fans for their business revenue put a lot of time into it. Their book or books are their drawcard, but then they have upsells, like memberships or consulting:

Canna Campbell – The $1000 Project (Youtube channel came first)

Greg ChapmanMarried to the Business, The 5 Pillars, and Price

Membership Guys (Callie & Mike Morrison) – The Member Machine

What could you offer your tribe that they really need–linked to your book’s theme? Pop your idea in the comment below.

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