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How do you get the right people to find your great content?

To maximize the chance that users will find your video, you’ll have to rely on hashtags. Luckily, hashtags work much the same for most popular platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
If you select a popular hashtag, more people might find your video in their social media feeds.

– MemberPress, How you can use promotional video marketing

Use medium-level competition hashtags and err to the side of the correct niche topic. I use two hashtags on most posts, but from 3 to 8 hashtags on Instagram.

Answering tweets and being interested in other people is also a way to get them interested in your own materials.

How do you take less time with posting on social media?

I use the web-based tool, Zoho Social (see handout). I can schedule or use SmartSchedule to post at relevant times through the week. For Instagram, I can use the ZohoSocial mobile app to then post a draft, but I also often do a new photo/quote.

Zoho Social costs AU $183 inclusive, if paying annually, a real saver on the monthly plan. It allows for interactions, scheduling, and tracking. (1 user)